DR. Ahmed AL-Akhras

Neuro Surgery
Degrees Senior Specialist in Neurosurgery
Areas of Expertise

  • Doctorate Degree in Neurosurgery 2021 Al Azhar University

  • Neurosurgery teacher

  • Performing spinal surgeries under a microscope, laparoscopically or surgically

  • Removal and implantation of artificial cartilage or its replacement

  • Fixation of vertebral fractures

  • Conducting tumors of the brain and the bottom of the skull under a microscope

  • Conducting spinal cord tumors under a microscope

  • Treatment of increased brain or spinal cord fluid pressure or ascites

  • Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Drug treatment of “migraine, cluster and occipital” headaches, by surgery or with limited intervention without surgery

  • Nerve asphyxia is similar to hand nerve asphyxia

  • Treatment of neck, back, leg, and sciatica-like pain problems without surgical intervention

  • Performing spinal operations by modern methods

  • Meniscectomy (PTED)

  • Steaming of cartilage (Coblation)

In the Department of Neurosurgery and Spine, we provide distinguished, high-quality medical services and care at the hands of highly experienced and qualified doctors.
Among the conditions that are treated:

  • Spine operations microscopically, arthroscopically, or surgically to remove and implant cartilage or stabilize spinal fractures
  • Microscopic removal of brain and spinal cord tumors
  • Brain valve and intervertebral valve
  • Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and migraine
  • Brain hemorrhage surgeries

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