Our Mission | مستشفى الأطباء المتحدون | جدة | احجز الآن


United Doctors Hospital will be recognized for providing highest quality healthcare and continuously striving for improvement using advanced technology and the highest caliber of qualified and satisfied staff in a safe and conducive environment.

UDH will be famous for providing trustworthy, reputable and affordable preventive and curative healthcare care services reflecting sensitivity to the changing needs of its patients and the community and inconsistency with our culture and mission.


The United Doctors Hospital (UDH) provides comprehensive high quality secondary medical healthcare services.

The UDH serves all age groups in the community mainly in Jeddah and Makkah Region.

To ensure compassionate, highest quality, cost-effective services, the UDH utilizes current technology and advanced knowledge stressing the importance of continuous education and advancement of the institute’s healthcare professionals.


UDH Staff ……. …We CARE

C – Commitment to Patient’s Dignity and Rights through providing Caring and Respectful services that will ensure staff and provider Satisfaction.

A – Availing an atmosphere of Staff Respect, Teamwork and Cooperation that enhances Communication while ensuring Confidentiality.

R – Recruiting and retaining staff that reflects Honesty and Trust through their Integrity, Professionalism, Competence, Dedication, Sincerity and Devotion.

E – Ensuring Quality and Safety in all service provision


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