DR. Mona Mokhtar

Specialty Rheumatology
Degree Senior Specialist of Rheumatology in the hospital
Areas of Expertise

  • Doctorate Degree in Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, Al Azhar University 2021

The Department deals with all rheumatic diseases, diseases that result from the lack of immunity, autoimmune diseases and other rheumatic diseases emerging secondary to other diseases.
Of course, Rheumatoid Arthritis comes on top of these diseases, which causes many disabilities where pain does not leave the patient.
In this department, you will find a lot of medical interventions that will get a lot of comfort and pain relief for the patients and make the best degree of coexistence with the disease, since, in addition to the role of medical therapy , the department has an important role in awareness about the educational methods for prevention of rheumatic diseases and the best ways for coexistence with them.


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