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Welcome to United Doctors Hospital Website.

We are pleased to use this communication vehicle to provide information to you about our organization.
Services and initiatives. We hope you are easily able to find all the information you want to know about United Doctors Hospital with a multitude of links to answer all your healthcare needs.
United Doctors Hospital is an extraordinary organization, with an extraordinary staff, that provides extraordinary care. We all strive to achieve our mission & to be an excellent healthcare organization by “Putting the Patient First”.
We combine the best technology, facilities, human resources, and excellent care with the healing powers of human touch, respect and dignity. We strive to provide patient centered care in a healing environment. This is not just what we believe, but is what we practice.

The three pillars of our management approach that we are committed to achieving it:

The excellent experience of doctors, staff and staff, and the latest medical technology allows us to provide advanced and advanced services in a suitable environment for healing, God willing.

Health care in United Doctors Hospital is more than just a treatment for health conditions. Health, wellness and healing – God willing – all require a deep understanding of the strong relationship between the patient’s mind, body and spirit, and this is what we believe.

Welcome to the United Doctors Hospital as visitors, patients, or applicants. I hope that your experience with us will be very positive. During your tour to explore our site, do not hesitate to contact me or any of our staff to answer your questions or comments.

To provide excellent care to our patients

To be an excellent organization to work for.

To provide our physicians an excellent organization and environment to practice

Best regards,,,

Mr. Ali Salem Al Subai
Director General
Tel. : 00966126533333
Ext. : 1405

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