Once the physician has admitted the patient to the United Doctors Hospital, the relevant hospital rules and regulations will be applied where:

  • At the Admission office, the patient will be required to provide personal information and to sign a General Consent Form before being taken to the ward.

  • If the patient is incapable then, information is obtained from a family member.

  • The patient will be placed in the assigned room and will be given necessary treatment and care by the attending Physician and Nurses.

  • Our dedicated team of professionals is prepared to make your stay comfortable. It is our objective to meet your physical, emotional needs and treat you with dignity, care and respect.

    The attending physician ensures that the patients discharge needs are met.

  • Communicates the patient’s readiness for discharge to concerned hospital staff and ensures that continuity of care must be followed after discharge.

  • The attending physician educates the patients prior to discharge about his/her illness and to provide proper self care.

  • The physician provides the patient with complete information about aftercare and therapeutic advice at home as follows:
  • Times to take medications and any special instructions.

  • Any equipment that the patient might use at home.

  • When to call the physician and how to obtain urgent care.

  • The attending physician ensures that continuity of care occurs after discharge by:
  • Assigning the follow up appointment for the patient (appointment card is being provided)

  • Arranging referral services to the patient

  • Communicating with other receiving physicians in case of transfer.

  • Questions the patient should ask before going home:
  • Does he/she need to come back to be re-checked? Who should he/she see?

  • What health problems should the patient watch for at home?

  • Have medications been prescribed? What are they and what are they for?

  • Are there any side effects to the medications? If so, should the patient stop taking the medications?

  • Any food restrictions and physical activities that should be considered?

    Our commitment and duty to maintaining the privacy of patient information:

  • The patient shall be ensured confidential treatment of all information contained in his personal and clinical record.

  • The patient shall be entitled to summaries of such records.

  • The patient’s written consent shall be required for the release of information to anyone not otherwise authorized by the patient to receive it. Only minimum information is released which is necessary for the purpose.

  • The patient will be explained about the circumstances in which it is needed to share information about them with others involved in their healthcare.

  • The patient will be given opportunity to withhold permission from us to share information.

  • The patient has the right to ensure complete confidentiality of all his/her treatment by never been discussing the patient in public, never revealing the patient name or any information about his illness, and not publicizing any information.

  • Preventing information from being accidentally revealed and prevent unauthorized access by keeping information secure at all times.

  • In exceptional circumstances, it may be justified to make confidential patient information known without consent if, it is in the public interest or the patient’s interest

  • We, as a staff of United Doctors Hospital have both an ethical and a legal duty to keep the patient information confidential.
  • If a patient allows to share information, we make sure:

  • We will share with the patient what will be release?

  • The reason for releasing it

  • The likely consequences of releasing information

  • We belive that the patient satisfaction and patient perceptions of outcomes have become valuable and important components in the assessment of the quality of health care.

  • Patients are uniquely able to provide information about their ease or difficulty of obtaining care, the interpersonal dimensions of the patient and physician relationship. The patient’s view of the technical quality of care provided, and the patient’s functional status and perceived wellbeing.

  • It is the responsibility of the United Doctors Hospital to give high quality care and services to the patients and measure the quality and satisfaction of the patients in order to improve the quality of care and services.

  • The Patient Relation Officer /social worker will give each patient the satisfaction questionnaire during their daily patient rounds.

  • The Patient Relation Officer /social worker will kindly ask the patient to fill the patient satisfaction questionnaire and explain how important their input. Your opinion is confidential. We value and appreciate your feedback.

  • We will do our best to provide you with the highest level of medical, nursing and other services. However, if we do not meet your expectations please do not hesitate to exercise your right to complain.The patient has the right to be informed about the complaint process.

  • Complaint could be received by the Patient Relation Officer, Social Worker or Duty Manager.

  • The matter will be investigated and will be taken seriously by the Patient Care Committee.

  • Acknowledgement of the complaint will be made to the patient by the Patient Care Committee Coordinator.

  • The patient will be provided a written notice of the hospital’s reply about the complaint.

  • The patients, relatives & visitors have the right to Complaint regarding any aspect of service provided.
    • You may communicate with us and send your suggestions and complaints through the interactive WhatsApp system

      Send Star (*) to 0555911287 and follow the instructions

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    Department of Pediatrics & Neonatology

    The department provides round the clock services with In-House pediatrics specialists and 24-hours clinic coverage with highly qualified consultants rendering a variety of medical services to ages ranging from new born to adolescent, including all vaccinations.
    The department has a well-equipped NICU, managed by highly qualified Consultant Neonatologists, backed up by highly qualified Neonatologists and qualified trained nurses, using current technology in managing pre- term babies as young as 28 weeks and as small as 800 grams, in addition to treating other neonatal problems. It also uses the ICU where critical pediatric cases are admitted to manage a variety of pediatric problems as comma, status asthmaticus. Our newborn nursery is a very busy area managed by paediatricians, trained nurses and the on call consultants. Most types of illness with or without complications are competently managed because of interdepartmental references and Intensive Care Unit in the hospital.

    Newborn Intensive care unit

    The 7-bed Newborn Intensive care Unit (NICU) in the united doctors hospital (UDH) is a state of the art intensive care unit designed to provide care for newborns. The unit serves critically ill newborns and premature infants who require medical intervention .

    Neonatal care Team

    In addition to certified attending neonatologist, the newborn care team consist of registrar, resident, staff nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, charge nurses, social workers, case managers, in the unit to provide round the clock care.

    The neonatal intensive care unit(NICU) provides comprehensive care to critically ill newborns. Neonatologist supervise around-the clock care of these infants. A full complement of experiences nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners staff . The NICU’s focus is to meet the needs of the entire family. The staff is sensitive to the family and the development needs of the infant.
    The department has outpatient clinics for baby checks, immunization and other problems . The Ambulatory Pediatric Services Department renders round-the-clock emergency services.

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