Commitment to Community | Unitd Doctors Hospital

Our patients are our assets. Their wellbeing forms the cornerstone of the group’s growth; hence our core purpose is to enhance the ‘quality of life of the patients’ by providing them comprehensive and holistic medical services in a way that our patients consider our Group as trusted and respectable.
The hospital is committed to delivering excellent healthcare focusing on the needs and satisfaction levels of its patients and to communicating with its patients through various media. The hospital therefore continuously measures patient satisfaction through ongoing surveys to identify potential focus areas for improvement in order to ensure the continuous delivery of quality.
The activities are designed to educate, inform and make the patients’ interaction with the hospital’s facilities as easy and seamless as possible. The Hospital produces a variety of patient education literature, which is available in public areas at the hospital; it offers a variety of patient education seminars and group meetings, it sends updates on new doctors to registered patients by email and SMS, and gives patients the option of requesting their appointments online.
This includes various editorial articles and interviews, magazine and newspaper advertisements, radio advertising, digital advertising and advertising on billboards throughout Okaz newspaper and Al Watan channel. Social media is also a key communication platform for patients and prospective patients. During the year, the Hospital’s Facebook page, twitter and Instagram have seen significant growth in followers and more that 20 million views.

Our employees are our strength. Their trust and respect are vital to United Doctors Hospital’s success. Catering to the employees’ needs through effective communication and sound relations are important components in being regarded as an employer of choice among employees and vital to maintain a happy workforce. UD Hospital’s staff members are treated fairly, remunerated competitively and are involved in the day-to-day running of the organization, contributing to the success of the hospital. Throughout the hospital, communication with employees is conducted through a variety of media, including newsletter providing hospital news, updating staff on human resource related information, e-mail updates, video conferences and satisfaction surveys. Leadership video conferences are conducted between top management and senior employees across the hospital for motivating and encouraging better performance.
Our employees are actively encouraged to participate on the hospital’s Facebook and Twitter pages. United Doctors Hospital recognizes and rewards the contribution of staff by recognizing their contribution around the year through reward programs and social outings.
Trade unions are not permitted in the KSA by law and there is therefore no trade union membership among the hospital employees however a direct channel to interact with the Management called CBT committee. Bridge serves accessibility and purpose to resolve any concerns within the working environment.


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