Specialty General Surgery
Degrees Senior Specialist Of General Surgery
Areas of Expertise

  • Doctorate Degree in General Surgery 2019, Egypt

  • Member of the European society of coloproctology

  • Egyptian state Encouragement Award 2022

  • Hernia operations surgically and laparoscopically

  • Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and fistula operations

  • Laparoscopic removal of colon tumors

  • Pilonidal sinus surgery

  • Laparoscopic appendectomy

The services provided by the general surgery department are general procedures on salivary glands and oral cavity, breasts, neck, hernia, endocrine surgery, male genital abnormalities, urology procedures, rectal procedures for piles, fistula, cancer, spleen, and varicose veins and other emergency surgical problems are taken care by General Surgeons.


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