Dr. Noha Alghobary

Speciality Dentistry
Degree Specialist of Cosmetic Dentist
Areas of Expertise

  • Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2011

  • Two-year training in America with the specialty of cosmetic dentistry 2014-2016

  • Ordinary and cosmetic fillers

  • Surgically treat gums, open abscesses, and suppurations

  • Simple tooth extraction

  • Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening (preventive fluoride )

  • Treatment of dental roots and single canals ( anterior)

The patient population served by the Dental Section consists of pediatrics, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients requiring or seeking dental care The Dental Section at United Doctors Hospital provides the following services to the patient population:

Filling and Treatment which include Polishing, Flouride Application, Pulpotomy, Root Canal Filling (anterior and posterior teeth), Scaling, Screw Post Filling, Silver Fillings, Tooth Colored fillings

Surgical to include Apicectomy, Gum Treatment, Drainage of Abscess, extraction of Deciduous Tooth Simple extraction of Posterior Tooth, Remaining Tooth and Upper/Lower Anterior Tooth, Surgical Extraction of Impacted Tooth, Surgical Removal of Perichoronal Flap, Third Molar Simple Extraction, Surgical extraction of Impacted Teeth

Restorative Dentistry consist of Acrylic Jacket Crown, Acrylic Jacket Crown (Temporary), Full Acrylic Denture (upper or lower), Full Vitalium Denture (upper and lower), Gold Crown, Partial Acrylic Denture (Tooth), Partial Vitalium (Tooth), Porcelain Jacket, Veneer Crown, Porcelain Gold Metal Jacket

Other Services, Dental Radiology and other related services in the field of Dentistry

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