Caring for a child’s health since it is a fetus in a mother’s womb, through all stages of its development, is the cornerstone of building a strong family, all of whom have better health and performance in all areas.

Every mother should spare no effort with regard to the health of her children, and always learn and seek medical advice to achieve the best level of health. This is at all stages of their development, which includes:

When the child is still a fetus in his mother’s womb:

The mother should regularly follow up with the competent physician, to find out what vitamins and important elements should be addressed for better health of the fetus, and it is known to all mothers that proper nutrition during pregnancy is the most important role in building better health for their children, and of course the proper nutrition does not mean a lot of eating only, yes you need to load more food due to the requirements of the fetus, but the most important is balanced food that does not overlook the basic elements such as ferrous, calcium and many other vitamins. Do not hesitate to always consult your doctor whether there are any non-preferred foods for your health condition and your baby’s condition. Keep that in mind until you see your newborn with a healthy weight and good health.

From birth to two years old:

To consider the importance of breastfeeding, breast milk is the optimal food for infants and their healthy development; it is also an essential element in the preservation of children’s immunity, because it contains antibodies and important elements, so do not deprive your child of the benefit of the many benefits that God has created for him whenever possible.

It should be noted that, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), only breastfeeding for infants, i.e. feeding them with breast milk, should be carried out for the first six months of their life, to ensure the best level of growth and health care, in the so-called “exclusive breastfeeding Natural  “This includes refraining from giving infants any food or other beverages-even water-except breast milk unless the treating physician advises other elements according to each case.

When you reach the sixth month, you should start by giving your baby complementary foods as well as breast milk. To provide a sufficient amount of energy and proteins to meet the nutritional needs of the child and ensure that it grows well.

This is the stage in which the child needs to adapt to the food after the total dependence on breastfeeding only. This is the period in which many infants suffer from malnutrition, so be careful to give the child complementary food appropriate and sufficient; From the stage of breast milk to full dependence on family food.

In this period, do not forget to give your child safe vaccines on time, under the supervision of the competent physician, in order to maintain the health of your child later.

From two to five years of age:

This stage is different than before, so the child has the choice and you remain responsible for choosing your child balanced healthy food and try to remove it from all unhealthy. In addition to your concern for his mental health and the development of his abilities and talents, that stage is very important in influencing the personality and convictions of the child.


As for food, you have to help your child eat five meals a day, including snacks of fruits or vegetables, which is not difficult even with your child’s rejection and abstinence, use the appropriate means to attract food, use the method of small quantities, i.e. make your child ask for more, without to force you to eat a large amount of food at once.

Ensure that your child is involved in sporting activities, it helps him/her better physical health, helps develop his or her mental skills, and properly shape his personality.

Mental health of children:

If talking about the health of children brings to mind the importance of physical health, the mental health of the child is no less important than physical health, according to the principles of psychological analysis it is clear that the evolution of the human personality is affected by both genetic factors and early childhood events, so to ensure the creation of a perfect family atmosphere for a child in this period, he or she has good experiences that positively affect his/her life later, which qualifies him for the ideal ability to adapt psychologically and socially to the conditions of life.

Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the factors that help them to properly conduct their children’s behavioral assessment, and protect them from mental illnesses such as autism and other

This can be used by the competent physicians, as well as by specialists in education and behavioral modification, and of course the parents do not hide some of the psychological needs of the child such as:

  • Belief in and encouragement of his abilities within the family and in front of others.
  • Expressing to him that he is interested and loved by his parents, it increases his self-confidence.
  • Pardon and non-use of harsh punishments at fault.
  • Expressing him of safety, it is inherited honesty.
  • To receive support and assistance from those around him.
  • To obtain self-esteem, especially from his parents, who are the most important people who wish to be appreciated.

Our message to every mother, as you care to choose the best food for your children, make sure to feed his mind to benefit him and develop his personality for better health and a bright future for your children.