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Our Vision

United Doctors Hospital is characterized by providing the highest quality of healthcare provided, and we constantly strive to develop our services using advanced technology and a staff of the highest degree of qualification and efficiency, and in a safe and well-equipped environment.

United Doctors Hospital is characterized by providing reliable and preventive therapeutic health services with a reputation for excellence and inexpensive to meet the changing needs of our patients and society, in line with the culture and traditions of the community and the mission of the hospital.

Our Message

United Doctors Hospital provides comprehensive and specialized basic healthcare services.

The hospital serves all age groups in the community in Jeddah and Makkah in particular.

In order to ensure the highest quality of medical services at reasonable costs, UMA uses modern technology and advanced knowledge, emphasizing the importance of continuous education and development of the hospital’s healthcare professionals.

Our Value

We are committed to respecting the dignity and rights of patients by providing professional medical care and support services that ensure employee satisfaction.

We ensure that employees are provided with a spirit of respect and cooperation in the performance of their work in a collective spirit to enhance communication between them in order to ensure timely service and patient confidentiality.

We are interested in employing workers with honesty, trust, integrity, distinguished competence and appropriate specialization and we are working to develop their skills through training and continuing education programs to ensure they continue to perform their work professionally.

While providing all services in the hospital, we care about the safety of patients and staff.


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