AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome occurs as a result of HIV infection, the most common methods of transmission are unprotected sexual contact with the infected person.

When speaking of HIV infection, the virus destroys a kind of immune cells responsible for fighting infection and resistance to disease, thus making the body becomes more prone to rare and serious types of bacteria and viruses.

As we mentioned the most famous roads for the transfer of infection, but it may also move through:

  • Blood Transfusions: In the case, the blood is not checked for HIV, therefore, when having a blood transfusion, must be from reliable sources and official hospitals.
  • Through the participation of the injection tools: it is no longer a secret to any one of the seriousness of the participation of the injection, and reflected the serious and clear when you know that it may be the cause of the transfer of the HIV in particular and infections in general.
  • During Pregnancy, childbirth or during breastfeeding: The infected mothers can transmit the virus to their children. But the mother received treatment may reduce the risk of transmission to their children.

Some people have misconceptions that to avoid infection, avoid contact or contact with the infected person for fear of infection. This is not true since the correct understanding of the means of transmission helps to understand and avoid the means of infection. The virus does not transfer to normal handling such as shaking hands, sitting or dealing Daily routine. Patients need to be contained as they need to help them, not the aversion to them.

Diagnosis of the disease:

If there is a risk of infection due to exposure to any of the transmission factors, you must quickly check for infection. There are no specific symptoms of the disease, especially in the beginning, where the symptoms are similar to the normal flu.

Make sure the infection only through a special lab test the virus through a sample of blood or saliva, the test should be repeated, whatever the result in the period between one month and three months from the date of exposure to infection. To make sure the injury or non-injury.

There is no need to panic, If the acupressure is exposed, for example, injection from an infected person, you can accelerating to AIDS-related medical institutions, where there is an anti-virus emergency which may protect from infection if given in the period from 24-72 hours after exposure to infection.

Accelerate the diagnosis helps to intervene early treatment that improves the condition of the injured person and reduce the rate of transmission of infection.

 Do any hope that there are ways to treat this disease?

There is already a reliable and effective anti-retroviral treatment, but there is still no scientific treatment help for full recovery from the disease, but these treatments greatly improve the condition of the infected person and reduce the deterioration of his health, and if taken it in the early stages the benefit was more significant. This may require taking the treatment for life, and therefore should not hesitate to request medical consultation always periodically.

 The lifestyle and coexist with the disease:

As the full recovery of the disease is impossible from a medical standpoint, it is necessary to person infected by the disease of the lifestyle of suitable for those persons living with the disease, and helps them to reduce their suffering and what may happen to them from complications, bearing in mind all what protect them from infection due to the vulnerability of immunity, and the means of improving health and coexist with the disease.
The importance of healthy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, protein, and low-fat protein helps to keep the body strong and gives the immune system more energy and support.
• Avoid raw meat and unpasteurized milk: diseases resulting from those foods may be exacerbated to infected persons by immune deficiency. So they are advised to eat whole meat, avoid unprocessed dairy products, raw eggs and raw sea products such as oysters, it is safer.
Consult your doctor about receiving the right vaccinations: This may prevent infections such as pneumonia and influenza. But you should consult your doctor to make sure that the immunization does not contain live viruses, which may be dangerous to those people. Not all vaccines fit the weakness of their immune system.
Be cautious when dealing with what may be the source of the bacteria or parasites: for example, the pets that may contain parasites that can cause infections in HIV-infected persons. Therefore, attention to infection control rules when dealing with animals and birds is very important.
Exercise and avoiding smoking.

All of these tips benefit the natural human and help him to enjoy better health, but must be emphasized to patients with immunodeficiency to protect them from deterioration.

 Prevention methods:

Avoiding all forms of transmission of this virus makes you immune from infection, including adhering to the principles of Sharia and adhering to good morality. It is important to note that the commitment of people infected with treatment reduces their chances of infecting others.