Smoking has spread widely in our societies, and among different age groups of both genders. A lot of smokers, smoke as a treatment for stress and tense, and they increase smoking upon facing psychological stress, and it even goes up to some smokers to smoke when feeling tired thinking that smoking will regenerate his energy all over again. But the truth is, this is the nicotine impact at the brain, which gives the smokers false alarms and generates high attach to smoking in a way to make the thought of quitting seems impossible.

This high attachment to smoking is what is called addiction to nicotine available in different forms of tobacco, as when the smoker inhales one sip of smoke, the nicotine go straight to the brain within 10 seconds to generate various types of physical reactions such as increase the heart rate and increase the blood pressure, reduce the amount of blood flow to skin which results in lowering the body temperature, coronary artery stenosis, shift in brain waves, increase the metabolic rate and decreased appetite.

Furthermore, the nicotine contains more than 7000 substance classified within mutant materials or materials that cause different types of cancer, this harmful effect coincides with other elements that different types of tobacco contains, which were proven to be the main reason of the increased risk of chronic diseases, arterial and vascular diseases, asthma, blindness and ophthalmology, infertility among women, and different types of cancer, such as esophageal cancer, throat, mouth, pancreas, ureter, cervix, stomach, kidney and lung cancer.

Regrettably, that smoking does not harm only the smoker, but the people living with him too. And negative smoking is one of the main reasons beyond lungs problems, ear infections and asthma among children; it is also responsible for cardiac and cerebral thrombosis and coagulation among adults. Negative smoking too harmful for pregnant woman and their babies, as it is considered one of the main reasons responsible for the birth of a low-weight child, and babies exposed to negative smoking are more likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome.

Despite that, the information above is of much concern, but there is a solution to all these problems, and it is possible to reduce the risk of many diseases just be quitting smoking.

The greatness of Allah the creator is manifested in the way the body get rid of toxins starting from the first day of quitting smoking, the level of carbon monoxide reduces, and the concentration of oxygen goes up to its average level, and the longer the quitting period lasts, the more noticeable improvements in different body functions is witnessed, such as smell and taste senses, improved breathing level, a decrease in the fatigue felt during smoking and improvement in the general lungs functions. And the higher the duration of quitting smoking, the lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, coronary heart disease, and lower risk rates of cancers.