Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Vs ordinary surgery

By Dr. Hesham  Abdulwahed

Consultant E.N.T.

United Doctors Hospital

In Endoscopic sinus surgery, an endoscope is inserted into the nose providing the doctor with an inside clear view of the sinuses.

Nasal endoscopy… Why?

Endoscopic surgery may be needed when medicine has failed to improve or cure chronic sinusitis.

It is the preferred method of surgery for most cases of chronic sinusitis that require surgery and treatment such as nasal polyps and fungal sinusitis.

Ample researches support its record of safety and success.

Advantages of endoscopy:

The advantage in case of surgery performed  by endoscopy is that the procedure is  less extensive  , there is often less removal of normal healthy tissues  and can be frequently performed.

The procedure consumes less time than the ordinary surgery

The patient will be discharged earlier than in case of ordinary surgery

What will the patient feel after nasal endoscopy?

After the operation, the patient will feel temporary sensation of nasal stuffiness which is of course less than the feeling after the ordinary surgery.

The patient will sometimes have nasal packing to be removed one day after the procedure.

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