Social responsibility, continued commitment and frequent bestowal

The hospital undertakes, within its social responsibility framework toward our children and daughters at school, many annual initiatives to support school activities, implementation of awareness visits, and financial and moral support to sponsor initiatives and lectures inside the schools at Jeddah, for the purpose of delivering the right concepts related to healthcare and preventive medicine, to be implemented in their minds during growing to be the cornerstone toward healthy and knowledgeable families in the future.

The hospital received during the year multiple visits from schools within the Cultural Forum of the Emirates of Mecca program, how do we set an example? To raise awareness about the importance of personal healthcare. During these visits, the students were introduced to many internal programs related to the right concepts of healthcare within their homes and at schools, and internal visits to some of the clinics and operation rooms to give a conceptual perception to help the students in understanding and learning the efforts exerted by the hospital and the doctors to provide health care services. The students also observed multiple modern medical equipment and were introduced to how these equipment are used to discover diseases. Also, implementing some simple recreational activities during the students visit to the dental clinic, to improve their relationship with the dentist, and turning it into a place to remove pain, and break the fear barriers from children’s visits to the dentist.

Also, awareness lectures were presented about the role of the doctor, and the importance of studying medical specialties and their reflection on fulfilling the internal labor market, and the level of humanitarian part the doctor is providing in removing patient’s pain and giving happiness to their loved ones. As well as, the scientific status that when possessed by the doctor how it help his country to obtain advanced positions in scientific research, and review global achievements obtained by Saudi male and female doctors, and driving students to choose the medical field as an academic and scientific track commensurate with the needs and requirements of labor market.

It is noteworthy that within the standard for measuring the knowledge, which the hospital follow within the awareness programs it offers to our children and daughters in schools, and within the questionnaire survey conducted, it was found that the rate of knowledge of the students after implementation of these visits, increased to 80% in males and 88% in females, twice as much as before their visits (40% before visits and awareness program implementation), related to their knowledge of common communicable diseases and how they can eliminate the possibility of transmission by up to 95% by following simple health procedures such as washing hands.
At the end of the program and visits, and within a questionnaire conducted by the hospital, the participants indicated that, the hospital’s support and its implementation to health awareness programs, increasing health awareness and implanting correct concepts, all together helped in enhancing their lives and correcting concepts in their families and relatives, and they wished that the hospital continue in these programs, and increase such activities which represents the human message and the leading role of the health sector toward the society.